Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Some Questions For Obama and Romney

Questions for Romney:
1. Is it your intention to increase America’s global military footprint?
2. What is your exit strategy for Afghanistan?
3. How would you prevent Iran from going nuclear?
4. Do you support a Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza? If not, then what?
5. How do you plan to deal with the fact that Russia and China both have vetoes on the UNSC?
6. Do you support America’s global war on drugs?
7. Do you believe that the war on drugs has been effective?
8. The US currently has troops in Latin America to combat drug trafficking; do you support this use of our military?
9. Why did you say that you would replace Bernanke?
10. Do you oppose the Fed’s policy of QE, and if so why?
11. How would you restore real growth without nominal growth?
12. Would you support a return to the gold standard, and why?
13. How many carrier battle groups do you think the Navy needs?
14. Do you believe that the earth is warming, that this is a problem, and that it is caused by human activity?
15. Besides TR, Ike and Reagan, who is your favorite 20th century president?
16. Do you believe that North Korea and Pakistan have deliverable nuclear weapons? Why?
17. What are the reasons that you think the US should go to war again?
18. How many wars should the US be fighting at the same time?
19. Do you agree with the overthrow of the leaders of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria?
20. Would you prefer an elected Islamist to a secular dictator in the Middle East?
21. Would you criminalize abortion? Who would you prosecute, the doctor or the patient?

Questions for Obama:
1. Are you worried about the rapid rise of government dependency in this country?
2. Are you comfortable with the fact that 2% of taxpayers pay 70% of federal taxes?
3. Do you agree that 47% of tax filers should pay no taxes?
4. What set of tax policies do you believe would lead to sustainable long-term growth?
5. Why are you waging the war on drugs begun by Richard Nixon in 1969?
6. Why have you deployed troops to Honduras to fight drug lords?
7. Why is the DEA deployed in countries around the world?
8. Why do you continue to hold prisoners on Guantanamo without trial?
9. How aggressively will you pursue those who refuse to buy health insurance? Would you jail them for nonpayment of the fine?
10. Do you believe that African-Americans, Latinos and Asian-Americans are victims of racial discrimination and, as such, deserve preferential treatment in the public and private sectors?
11. Why do you think that the Democratic party has been losing the white working class vote since Bill Clinton left office?
12. Whom do you consider America’s most important strategic allies? Enemies?
13. What is your opinion of European social democracy?
14. What do you think caused the eurozone crisis?
15. Do you believe that the US can stabilize its long-term debt ratios without cutting Medicare?
16. Why did you encourage Hosni Mubarak to leave office, and why did your secretary of state boast about killing Muammur Qadaffi?
17. If you could turn back the clock on the Arab spring, what would you do differently?
18. Do you believe that Israel’s security could be guaranteed with a Hamas-controlled Palestine on two sides?
19. Do you believe that Arabs should be allowed to live in Israel? Do you believe that Jews should be allowed to live in Palestine?
20. Why has your Iran policy failed?

21. Do you believe that American energy policy should be predicated on the assumption that global warming is caused by anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions?
22. Do you agree that a president may be impeached and convicted for approving an unconstitutional law unsupported by a constitutional amendment?
23. What do you believe the founder's purpose was in the enumerated powers article of the constitution?

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