Sunday, October 21, 2012

Foreign Policy Questions For Presidential Debate

Questions for the President:
Whom do you consider America’s most important strategic allies? Enemies?
Do you consider Israel to be an ally or a dependency?
Why did your government encourage Hosni Mubarak to leave office?
Has America’s strategic position in the region improved since the overthrow of Mubarak?
Why did your secretary of state boast about killing Muammar Qadaffi?
Why is the CIA supplying weapons to the Syrian uprising in the clear face of Russian opposition?
How would you characterize current US-Russian relations today?
If you could turn back the clock on the Arab spring, what would you have done differently?
Do you believe that Israel’s security could be guaranteed with a hostile and armed Palestine on both sides?
Do you believe that Arabs should be allowed to live in Israel?
Do you believe that Jewish settlers should be allowed to live in Palestine?
At what point would you draw the line with respect to the Iranian nuclear weapons program, such that you would consider a military solution?
Why is the US providing billions in aid to Pakistan including its military?
How would you characterize America’s economic and strategic relationship with China?
Why have you maintained the trade embargo with Cuba? What purpose does it serve?

Questions for Gov. Romney:
Do you support a Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza? If not, then what is your solution to the Palestinian problem?
How do your aggressive foreign policy goals square with the fact that Russia and China  have a veto on the Security Council?
What role do you see the Security Council playing in the conduct of foreign policy under your administration?
How many carrier battle groups do you think the Navy needs?
Which major defense procurement programs or other programs would you end?
What is your position on the $400 billion F-35 fighter program?
What are the reasons that you think the US should go to war the next time?
How many wars can the US be fighting at the same time?
Do you agree with the overthrow of the leaders of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria?
Would you prefer an elected Islamist to a secular dictator in the Middle East?
What do you see as the strategic role for NATO?
How big should NATO be?
Would you reduce the number of US troops stationed in Europe and Asia and the rest of the world?
Do you support membership in NATO for Ukraine and Georgia?
Would you go to war with Russia over Georgia’s breakaway republics?
Do you see any chance that the US could become a more “normal country” with respect to foreign policy?
What should be the limits to US intervention in foreign countries?


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